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Extreme hardship

Extreme Hardship Letters

Extreme Hardship Letters are required to show the hardships and difficulties a US citizen or US permanent resident is facing or will face if their family member’s (applicant) waiver application is not approved. The best way to get results is to develop a letter that, in its appearance, style, and content, conveys information efficiently and effectively, so that the immigration officials understand your situation and are convinced of your hardship.

Failure to convey your message in a concise, clear, and courteous manner could enormously affect the outcome of your waiver case. 


Specific factors for determining this type of hardship to qualifying relatives includes, but are not limited to:

  1. Health and medical-related vulnerabilities

  2. Educational consequences such as special needs in school, if applicable

  3. Length of residence in the United States, social integration, etc.

  4. Family and community ties in the United States

  5. Financial and employment consequences

  6. Negative or dangerous conditions in the applicant’s country of origin.

These letters are a critical part of your case application and must be written with care, detail and accuracy. 

The good news is this is exactly what CartasPro does best. We will explore the question of exactly what are the “extreme suffering” in your case, and how we can demonstrate it. We will write your letter in the most effective way so you can have peace of mind and be able to focus on what you do best. 

Cost $500

VAWA Letters

Part of the evidence that needs to be included with your USCIS form I-360 is your written, personal declaration describing your relationship with the abuser and the abuse you suffered as a spouse, child or parent of an abusive US citizen or US permanent resident. US immigration requires an affidavit from the self-petitioner explaining in detail about how you met the abuser and how your relationship developed. It should discuss when you first met, how your relationship developed, and why you married the abuser. It should also discuss the types of abuse you suffered and when each instance of abuse occurred. It is best to include as many details, including dates, as possible.

Finally, your declaration should include a discussion of things that you do that shows you are a good person. In order to qualify under VAWA, you need to show that you are a person who has good moral character. USCIS will review the affidavit and use it as evidence in the self-petitioner’s immigration case.

With our expertise in writing such letters, CartasPro is here to help. We will assist you to explain all the above details in a writing that is effective and concise to make sure we cover all the details an immigration officer is looking for in your letter.

Cost $650


Asylum Letters

Asylum letters are required at the time of filing the Asylum application with USCIS. The applicant will need to detail their experiences in their country of origin, reasons for fleeing, and reasons that they fear returning to his/her country, for possible persecution they will face. This document is the single most important component of the written asylum application because it allows the applicant to tell their story completely and, as much as possible, in their own words. Most declarations will be in the 10–25-page range. The declaration should be written in numbered paragraph detailing the client’s life in their country of origin. Of course, each declaration will be different, as every applicant’s personal experience is different. It is very important to include as many details as possible in each incident described in the declaration.

CartasPro, will help the client to edit out material that is not relevant to the claim, but it is important for the declaration to convey a complete understanding of the situation in the client’s country of origin.

Cost $650


U Visa Letters

U visa letters (or declarations) are needed in your filing to explain what happened to you, and the type of crime you suffered. You should describe in detail when the crime occurred, where and what exactly happened from the magnitude of violence to what type of weapon used, if any. Remember there is no court hearing or interview, the statement is your only opportunity to explain everything that happened to you and must be written in English. So, you should tell the immigration officer how you meet all the requirements: crime, helpfulness, and harm and explaining your story for every action you took during that time. You should also say why you deserve forgiveness for any crimes you have committed or for any immigration violations.

Your letter should answer all the below questions:

  1. About your identity,

  2. The crime,

  3. How you were hurt,

  4. Have you helped police or the courts to prosecute the perpetrator?

  5. Why do you need a waiver (if required)?

With our extensive experience in writing such letters CartasPro will help you write a well structure story of your situation that is brief, effective, and detailed. Remember that this statement is your only opportunity to explain everything that happened to you and must be written in English.

Cost $650

Recommendation letters

In certain cases, recommendation letters are needed as part of the evidence to prove that the applicant is a person of good moral character. Usually, these letters are written by a family member, acquaintance, co- worker, etc. and states that the applicant is a person of good standing and deserves the immigration benefit they are seeking. In certain cases, recommendation letters are important to prove that the applicant has resided in the US for a certain length of time. 

Cost $75

Translation and interpretation

We provide Spanish/English document translation services that are USCIS certified. When filing your evidence, you should be certain that all your documents are in English and that all Spanish documents include an English translation with a certification for USCIS purposes. We translate all legal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, medical records, and any other evidence that you need to translate for your case. Most of our translations are delivered within 24 hours.

Cost $25/ per page


An expedite is a request to accelerate a certain immigration process with the National Visa Center, US consulate or USCIS. Depending on your situation and particular circumstances, you might be eligible to expedite your case instead of waiting for your turn in the que. These requests are not always granted but it is always recommended if you feel that your situation is grave.

At CartasPro we can assist you with your expedited request. Once you hire CartasPro, we will prepare your declaration based on your unique situation explaining reasons to expedite your case. We will also gather documents and evidence needed to prove your claim and create your package to send along with your expedite letter to show the officer the difficult situation you are currently facing. 

We write expedited letters for the following:

  1. Waivers

  2. Petitions

  3. US Consulate

  4. National Visa Center

Cost $500

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