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Asylum Letters



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Asylum Letters

Asylum letters are required at the time of filing the Asylum application with USCIS. The applicant will need to detail their experiences in their country of origin, reasons for fleeing, and reasons that they fear returning to his/her country, for possible persecution they will face. This document is the single most important component of the written asylum application because it allows the applicant to tell their story completely and, as much as possible, in their own words. Most declarations will be in the 10–25-page range. The declaration should be written in numbered paragraphs detailing the client’s life in their country of origin. Of course, each declaration will be different, as every applicant’s personal experience is different. It is very important to include as many details as possible in each incident described in the declaration.

CartasPro will help the client to edit out material that is not relevant to the claim, but it is important for the declaration to convey a complete understanding of the situation in the client’s country of origin.

Cost $650

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