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VAWA Letters



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VAWA Letters

Part of the evidence that needs to be included with your USCIS form I-360 is your written, personal declaration describing your relationship with the abuser and the abuse you suffered as a spouse, child or parent of an abusive US citizen or US permanent resident. US immigration requires an affidavit from the self-petitioner explaining in detail about how you met the abuser and how your relationship developed. It should discuss when you first met, how your relationship developed, and why you married the abuser. It should also discuss the types of abuse you suffered and when each instance of abuse occurred. It is best to include as many details, including dates, as possible.

Finally, your declaration should include a discussion of things that you do that shows you are a good person. In order to qualify under VAWA, you need to show that you are a person who has good moral character. USCIS will review the affidavit and use it as evidence in the self-petition er’s immigration case.​

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