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Would you like to have well-written Extreme Hardship Letters?

We can do it.

Have a question about Extreme Hardship Letters and Expedite Letters? 

Better is when we make a dream of those we serve come true. (Seth Godin)

Over 700 happy clients have already trusted us with their letters, and today CartasPro is known for its approvals. Don't wait, call us now.

Our mission at CartasPro is to write Extreme Hardship Letters & Expedite Letters that are organized, concise, sympathetic, and effective in four easy steps. 


  1. We will call you and get all the information required over the phone, in your preferred language English or Spanish. 

  2. We will brainstorm with you to find out what topics your unique letter needs to focus on. 

  3. We will research your country-specific situations for news and articles.

  4. We write the letter and send it to you for revision

     These letters are lengthy and complicated, but with my experience, they can be done in 2 weeks. Our office is located in Plano, Tx and we provide online writing extreme hardship letters & Expedite Letters to anyone around the world who needs our services.  

    I have written over a thousand letters during my 15-year career as a paralegal aid and have worked on many different cases. I understand your pain as an immigrant, and I know of your obstacles and limitations. I am here to help.​


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