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An expedite is a request to accelerate a certain immigration process with the National Visa Center, US consulate or USCIS. Depending on your situation and particular circumstances, you might be eligible to expedite your case instead of waiting for your turn in the que. These requests are not always granted but it is always recommended if you feel that your situation is grave.

At CartasPro we can assist you with your expedited request. Once you hire CartasPro, we will prepare your declaration based on your unique situation explaining reasons to expedite your case. We will also gather documents and evidence needed to prove your claim and create your package to send along with your expedite letter to show the officer the difficult situation you are currently facing. 

We write expedite letters for the following: 

  1. National Visa Center 

  2. US Consulate 

  3. Waivers 

  4. Petitions 

Cost $500

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